Monday, August 25, 2014

First Letter from the Field

First let me say that the key board is kinda broken so excuse my typing. also the shift key is way hard and every word is in red because it is correcting it into Portuguese so...

Anyways, I just got to my area the day before yesterday so yesterday was my first full day of real life missionary work. We had several lessons and contacted several people. We actually have 8 baptisimal dates marked so we'll see how those turn our. I'm praying that they come through. church yesterday was interesting. im in magoanine which is in maputo and we have the stongest branch in the mission (around 250 attend church). the singing was so loud and boistrous it was crazy, I couldn't understand much and it was overall just super weird, but i loved it. there were 8 comfirmations or something like that so that was really cool.

I live in the largest house in the mission and there are 7 other elders in the house with me. my companion just got made into the district leader so we are moving into the biggest and best room in the house which is nice. his name is elder hatfield and he is a pretty cool guy. he is a hard worker and i think that he'll be a great trainer. elder ence is also in my house so it's nice having someone who i already know. Cooking, cleaning, showering, sleeping and everything else is super weird. The house isn't terrible but it is a real step down from anything i've ever experienced. we have a washer too btw.

magoanine is super sandy and dusty and our area is huge. we have to hitch hike to get over there which is aparently a normal thing in africa and then we walk through sand all the time. The people are so nice though and the lesson we have taught so far have been awesome. I have a hard time remembering names because they are so weird but i try. My portuguese is coming along well but understanding others when they talk is a real challenge.

we have to always be washing our hands, putting on hand sanitizer, taking our shoes off, cleaning and being really clean. it is a lot easier to focus and be diligent out in the field too which is nice. I don't have any pictures becaue we aren't allowed to carry our cameras around but ill try to get some pictures to send to you.

The people of mozambique are awesome. i love them. honestly, they are super super nice and accepting and i absolutely love the kids. they are so cute and will always say hi to you when you walk by as they are playing in the dirt or with a tire or some other archaic toy. the way they say hi is by saying (for pronunciation purposes) sho! and give you a thumbs up. It's super cute. they have a lot of cool handshakes and stuff too that i need to get down. They don't sell a lot of ingredients here so i can't make buscuits, unless you can substitute shortening out for butter or something?... idk

from tuesday until friday morning we were in the mission office just sleeping and taking naps and whatnot so it was really easy and actually kindof boring. so i wont talk a lot about that just because it was pretty stupid. elder christiansen nearly killed their pet turtle at the office though. we had to go to the us embassy and get some sort of document thing. the embassy, btw, is super small and wimpy, especially compared to the chinese one or something.

the houses in mozambique are all these little shacks. They have dirt or concrete floors and the most commical chairs and tables and stuff. the people here are super humble and nice though. president kretly described it as "they have little of what matters the least and a lot of what matters the most." President Kretly is awesome but i havent been able to talk to him much because he has been was sick after organizing and leading the first youth conference in mozambique.

Happy birthday mom! love you so much and I hope you have a good one!  thanks for sending me a bunch of details of home! The more details the better.

P.S. i ate squid the other day, it was decent i guess haha.

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