Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18 letters

To Mom:

The people from Chimoio will be visiting here in a couple of weeks which will be way nice so I'm just waiting for that to happen but it has yet to happen. The work with week was absolutely fabulous and we are seriously destroying it. Statistically, these are the best weeks of my entire mission. Our goals for next week are just absurd. 

Here in our mission we are actually very familiar with the south african missions especially because a nice chunk of missionaries in the mission were called to the durban mission but were later transferred with Swazi. Swazi is basically the exact same thing as South Africa so I have basically lived and served in SA. The only difference is that South Africa is a lot more dangerous than Swazi. Everything else is basically the same though. I also have spoken with many South Africans. 

I like all the plans and schedule and everything so thanks for all of that. Can you please ask Bishop what my topic will be or if I can just choose, which would be nice. 

Also on Mother's day we'll talk for only 30 minutes. Elder Carvalho and I are in charge of scheduling it so maybe I'll get to squeeze in a little more time though. Who knows. 

On the 7th of May we are having a huge marriage and baptism. 13 from our area and another 8 or so from the other companionship in the ward. 5 couples in total. It should be a way sick day and then mothers day the next day will be nice. 

To Dad:

So this week was super awesome with the work. Statistically, this week was absolutely crazy. We had so many lessons and so much work and tons of people at church and stuff. I actually have a book where I keep my records of  all the different stats of my mission and this week will definitely enter the record books in several different categories, however, I only enter it in at the end of the transfer so maybe this next week will surpass it which wouldn't surprise me. We actually have a goal for 30 member present lessons this week which would be way dope and break my record haha. Stats don't really mean much but they are pretty fun sometimes, haha. 

We found two really good families this week that I can almost guarantee will progress to baptism. They both have tons of family in the church and came to church and loved it and the spirit is incredible in every lesson that we do with them. With one, the husband is the cousin of the bishop and his best friend is the young mens president. With the other, the wife is the sister of a missionary serving in Brazil, and he has tons of friends in the church. The cool part is that the first family I just randomly contacted the guy and he turned out being so well connected in the church. 

We also walked with President Koch in our area this week which was nice. It was actually yesterday and he came and did a few lessons with us. 

I forgot to tell mom this so I'll just tell you but I actually knew of Adam's mission call on your Thursday because Sister Koch called me on Friday and told me all about it. She saw it on face book and just couldn't resist telling me. 

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