Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11 letters

To Mom:

I'm way happy to be here in Beira, it's seriously so nice here, it was like coming home. President and I didn't make any deal but I think that was maybe his line of thinking. I asked him several weeks before coming if I could come here and he probably put me as zl as kind of the price. Honestly ZL is way better than DL though. 

Elder Carvalho and I get along great and he is definitely a great companion.

So what day does school start? The problem that just came up this week is that Elder Keck (my old companion) just got engaged. Really I'm not that surprised I even told him that he would get engaged within the first 6 months and here we are 4 months in and it already happened. Anyway, he has asked me to come to the wedding and be one of the groomsmen. The sealing will be on the 26th of August so I will definitely have to go to it. It will be in the Seattle Washington temple.

Sorry I won't be able to send any pictures I forgot my camera at home. Honestly, as the mission has gone along I've lost the desire to take many pictures. I'll try to take some this week.

Some people from Chimoio should be visiting this week which will be way awesome. 

To Dad:

This week was super nice. We worked way hard this week and had tons of lessons and new people found. We also got the majority of the work done for our three weddings that will happen on the 7th. Everything is pretty much set and we should be having 14 baptisms that day which will just be insane. I will be way busy making cakes and doing all manner of preparations for the weddings. We also have to get the dresses set up and all of that good stuff. We are seriously working way hard though. 

We also had a way nice family night at the church on Saturday night. There were about 100 people there and we made three cakes and juice and stuff. It was really good and everyone loved it. The ward is really growing and should split here in the next few months. It's truly ready as well. I wouldn't be surprised if one of my recent converts from last year became the bishop as well which would be super cool. He is doing way good and honestly I think it will be him. 

To Aunt Sabra:

Our house and bathroom are currently flooded right now as well. Also the water is barely coming out because some people came to fix it and messed up so we take freezing cold showers every day. The living conditions are bad news right now. Also, every night I wash a mountain of dishes while my companion cleans surfaces and then we fall into bed exhausted because we are working so hard all the time. It's kind of frustrating but good because the time is flying.

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