Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 15 letter

My comp got a package but I haven't personally received any yet. I definitely will not receive any before Jan 3 because that is when we are having Zone conference and when they bring all the packages up from Maputo. 

Seriously, this transfer I have acquired a new-found love for cooking. This week we made burritos, Mexican pizza, Navajo tacos, buffalo chicken. We have to make all the dough for all of this so it's a lot harder than it seems. Also we made no-bakes, cakes and a bunch of other good stuff. I think I'll take a culinary class in college if I can. Thanks for all those recipes again. They were great! This transfer has been really great. 

Things are going really great in the area. We had some families that we had to drop disappointingly but we are still able to have lots of success so this transfer should be really awesome. It's hard missing out on my first Christmas but Beira is doing a massive baptism that day so that should keep my mind off of things. We went to the Christmas devotional the other day (in Portuguese) for the members. This was Broadcast from the big one in Salt Lake. Also all the missionaries sang for everyone that was there. After that we ran and had a bunch of really awesome lessons with a couple of members that we were working with. 

Our area is great, we have a lot of really awesome kids especially. There are some kids that I just love.  The kids really are just awesome, although I will say that they can certainly be devils at times, like during lessons when they start to whine and stuff. Either way there is a lot of fun in the work.

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