Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 22 letter

This week was a nice week but we did have some tough moments. Nothing that we won't press through. We still have a bunch of really awesome families like usual, I love all of the people here. Especially the kids. We just have the cutest kids here that I love to death. There are a couple of families that we are teaching with kids that are just insanely cute. 

We had another baptism this week of just a kid, he's 16, and a great kid. I love the guy to death. Also there is another kid that is already a member who walks with us like every day who I just think is a really awesome kid as well. 

That's great that you and Mom are all staying busy with your church callings. That is definitely one thing that I've learned here in mozambique and on a mission is that really, you need to magnify your calling and it will give back so much more than what you put in. It really isn't that hard to always be extraordinary in your calling. So that is one change I will definitely make when I go home again. 

Random peice of information: I now really like Paisley ties.

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